Familiar with a variety of micro computers (µC) that have a diverse range of applications,
we can determine the appropriate chip-set for your design specifications and can support you throughout the whole deployment process, from breakout PCB manufacture to enclosures and connectivity.  

Windows 10

5v , 12v + 19v µC’s available

Ultra Low Power Consumption



Low Voltage Workstations.

Embedded applications.

Android 4.4 ++

Media and gaming devices.

All µC’s have GPIO available allowing connectivity to the space that surrounds it.
Almost anything can be connected, CCTV, radio, lighting, alarms etc making it ideal for 12v automobile and marine applications.


Work with range of programming languages
Wide variety of micro controllers available
Alternative solutions for all budgets



Enclosures, Terminals and Connectivity
Wiring looms and harnesses
Components for all requirements