aNCS is a modular collection of custom built DAW controllers networked together interactively allowing the quick and simple composition of a variety EDM music genres.

Focused around software development for two 32″ touchscreen controllers – aNCS uses efficient and unique methods of audio control and composition, acting as a studio assistant and a live performance tool simultaneously.

Networked using OSC with lightweight MIDI converters, aNCS network is incredibly fast and stable.
Powered by a variety of low voltage micro-computers and an array of custom hand made controllers, aNCS is not just a DAW controller. Modular, scalable and with a range of upto 1.2km, It can accurately network with potentially unlimited instruments and DAW’s at the same time. It can also network with our OIL lighting network or via DMx to standard products. This makes interactive design and composition with aNCS possible for small or large scale events in any indoor or outdoor space.

aNCS can now also network online, allowing international collaborations possible!

autoNoiseCreationStation is in constant development and exists to serve two functions:

Intuitive DAW Controller

Automate and Generate MIDI

Aims to improve workflow when composing with MIDI on DAW software.

Allow composition to happen real-time, can be used for live performance.

Large 16 channel, 64 step sequencer. upto 8 pages of sequencer to pre-sequence upto 512 beats!

Control multiple channels simultaneously and with ease.

Simple and Advanced methods of control.

Complete sequencing of articulations, envelopes, control change data, MIDI channel, velocity.

Can be used Multiplayer, 12 point touch controllers.

Quick select AUX MIDI for VST plugins / Envelopes.

Aims to assist with composition and live performance.

Allows elements of the sequencer to be automatically generated, randomly, within constraints or genre dependent patterns.

Large variety of automation to control every aspect of composition.

Genre rule set memory banks, “cue in” assistance.

Randomize, humanize, quantize, scale correct, probability of hit and much more.

Can auto compose alongside the user, or standalone.

Converts to UDP/OSC for further A/V connectivity.

Full chord, melody, bass and drum generation


aNCS is complex and although ready for performance and studio use, is not ready for any form of manufacture.

We are eager to find producers, artists, composers and lyricists from various EDM genres to develop alongside.

Get in touch! 

Latest Drum Sequencer Updates:

Latest Stable Versions:
D_SEQ mkVI v2.26
D_SEQ mkVII v0.95

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